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06-04-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by ClemQ View Post
FYI - players with Agents....dont go NCAA. That card is already out the window. There is not as much risk as you think there is. It's happened more than once. GM's know who is going NCAA, and who is bluffing. MAC was bluffing, Matheson wasnt for example. Hence Mac was drafted, they tried to pursuade him and couldnt so they traded his rights, and Matheson's pick was traded before the draft in order to get something back for him. It's not as much a risk as you make it seem either. Matheson was only picked later in the 3rd round by Shawinigan who had 3 picks in that round. Everyone knew Matheson was bluffing.

And, my pointing to Nicolas Roy was just an example, not in any way shape or form my thought on who is going first or should go first. I could have inserted "joe hockey" in there for argument sakes.

Those are great hockey discussions, and there are many ways to deal with that situation. Each team do what they think is best in their respective situations and locations.

Another example is drafting local players. Lets use bathurst as an example....they took that approach 3-4 years ago. They drafted Steeves, hornbrook and Jones way, way earlier than anyone else would have. Only Steeves panned out, and ask any scout or GM and they will tell you that his becoming a #1 starter in the league was not expected. Now, the scouting staff has apparently been given the instructions to draft local talent on the weekend. I'm of the opinion that you draft the best player available depending on your needs of course. Local didnt work for them a few years ago, they have been not been a particularly good team the past 4-5 years, why go back to something that didnt work? You need all the help you can get!!!
I'm confused how we got to draft local vs. draft BPA and how it applies to what we were talking about

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