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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
I'm quite surprised, 0.07 percent of the Danish population is registered in hockey yet they still manage to yield a pretty competitive team. Less than even teams like Italy, Latvia, Austria yet Denmark still manages to have many teams in the top division on many levels. Also in sports like soccer and handball they are frequently amongst the top despite a population of just about 5.58 million people. What does this tell me? It says to me that the Danes generally have really good athletic genes and if there was an increase in the registered players they could easily be a top 6-7 team. I believe the obesity ratings in the country are amongst the lowest in Europe as well so many people are fit in the Danish population.
Well, we are vikings!!

We take a lot of things for granted in Denmark. All counties supports the local sports in various extends. Any small village above 500 in population have their own football team and probably handball for some areas, which is probably subsidied from the county. Basically you can start a sportclub and then apply for money at the local government. At least they will have a ground and a couple of goals provided. Most counties also have at least one activity center which supports most indoor sports during winter and those which can not be played outside f.ex. badminton or handball.

The problem with hockey is that it is so expensive to start up. For football you need a pair of boots and thats about it, but hockey will cost you at least 500 $ just to start with and many families do not have that kind of money. Also, if your friends plays football you are more likely to start playing that. For that reason and for the reason that we only have around 20 hockeyrinks in Denmark, we have somewhat stalled in our development in hockey.

To take the next step we need to build more rinks in mid-size cities. There are many cities above 50k in population that doesnt even have one.

I find it somewhat absurd that counties like Rødovre and Herning have to reject youth because they do not have room for anymore in the rinks. This could very easily be fixed with building more rinks in the counties close to the "center-clubs" but not many counties are willing to build those. Unfortunately.

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