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Originally Posted by Greg02 View Post
Note that that table gives Park credit for a second place in Norris voting during the trade season where he played only 13 (I think) games for the Rangers, and I believe it also doesn't consider the 94-95 season where Leetch gets no votes because of the modified voting format.

If you take 13 points away from Park, and give a T5 (so another 10 points) to Leetch for '95, then the total becomes 96 for Leetch and 71 for Park, and all of a sudden Park looks a lot closer to Howell than to Leetch.
That is true about Park's 5th runner up. Missed that about the table. Good catch!

This is starting to get nit-picky, but I'm not sure it is fair to give Leetch points for getting zero votes in the lockout season just because he was technically a finalist by the way they restructured it. In the end, he still got zero votes! Were there other people who weren't considered "finalists" in the West who would have pushed him down the ranking under normal voting circumstances?

If you exclude those points you added... it would be 86 - 71. Still not as close as it was originally; but a lot closer than you might expect when considering one of those #s includes eight less seasons of consideration.

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