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Originally Posted by brian_griffin View Post
In a Risto vs. Zadarov comparison, do you give any preference to Risto as a right-D vs. left-D (I favor the RD between 2 players, if all other factors are equal enough). Similarly, do you favor Risto as he's played with effectiveness on the larger ice surface, and the move to smaller ice is (I am assuming) easier for a defender?
Specifically liking Zadarov for me is about our centers more than what handedness he is. In the future I am almost 100% certain we will be running a line that does not have a 2 way center on it. Be it Grigorenko, Hodgson, or Ennis they are all offensively gifted and defensively lacking. Instead of finding 2 way wingers and hoping that they develop into 2 way players, I would like to see a dominant defender on this team that would allow us to ice a line purely for the purpose of goal scoring and then protect it with a dominant defender who isn't lost int he offensive zone. Ideally a scoring line would have either Ehrhoff or Myers playing with it and then adding to that a point producing defensive Dman would make it into a very potent setup that could be relied upon down a goal or late in tie games. Zadarov has defensive instincts that are very impressive for a player his age while still maintaining a high enough skill set to not be RR in the offensive zone. Risto is a better 2 way defender and I don't think we need a better 2 way defensive we have 3 already what we need are defensman who can cover for those 2 way players. Zadarov as a prospect is a solid leap ahead of Risto in his own end. All things being equal yes I'd prefer the opposite hand but they aren't equal. Risto is a 2 way offensive threat and Zadarov is lockdown defender with offensive upside. If I could guarantee their development I would do everything in my power to make our d core look like this:


You hope Myers develops into a top 4 2 way player and pair him with a very physical McNabb. You play Ehrhoff in the offensive zone as much as possible while using Zadarov to prevent them from being feasted on by opposing stars. You keep Pysyk and Weber as both can play in the 4 slot as necessary. If however Myers is used to move up in the draft then I believe a player like Risto becomes a much more valuable addition to our roster.

If center is the most important position on the ice then everything I draft from here on out is to make Grigorenko/Hodgson/Ennis into better players by covering up their defensive inadequacies. (Ideally we get a #1 center who can play an above average defensive game but there aren't a whole lot around)

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