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Originally Posted by JuniorNelson View Post
What about the slow speed passes? How many times were they intercepted this last season? The Sedin's seem to have lost quick release on shots, too and it shows.

]I love these players and have always marvelled at their abilities but the decline is very evident, IMO. Actually, I am surprised at the spirited defense of the twins. They are aging, how can that be in contention?
It's funny both the eye test and stats tell us that they have declined yet some do defend them as still being "elite". My guess it's part of the denial of the window being closed.

The Sedins are a giant block of cap space and I hold, respectfully, that the time has come to move the Sedins for picks or prospects. Detroit looks like a good place for them. I'd trade both of them for Abdelkader. It isn't even a question of who or what you get back, the Sedins have had their kick at the cat. Vigneault's departure signified the end of the Sedin era because no other coach will use them as effectively. That's twelve million poorly spent, if they are kept.

I agree that it won't be the Sedins team moving forward but does Gillis have the balls to move them at the trade deadline next year (only time he can really do so with the 13 Cap situation) for any asset moving forward?

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