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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
I did - but mostly as a member of the Bruins.

If Park had the years of service that Leetch did, then I'd put it up for debate. Again, judging solely on his career with the Rangers and Leetch's career as a Ranger, I don't think it's much of a contest. If you want to debate who had the better overall career, then I'd probably lean towards Park but it's close. All of those 2nd place Norris finishes aren't really taking into account that when Orr was no longer an effective player (1975+), Park had another 10 years of his career to win the Norris with no Orr and didn't. Leetch did. Twice.
Underline: thought that was partial consideration for our vote!

Bold: Park sacrificed his body, obviously, which cuts down on longevity and effectiveness in later years. The light that burns twice as bright, and is twice as hot, burns half as long.

Park's knees started to go by the end of his career. Badly.
So once he was past his prime, which thankfully was mostly with us, he too lost something.

But since his prime was here, and it was not a one year abberration, it needs be considered.

Put it this way: both D are like former Yankee ace Ron Guirdry.

Leetch is what you got with Guidry for a solid career, tailing off at the end, but a productive All Star all the way through.

Park was like 4-5 years of the Guidry who was like the Cy Young winner, 25-3 [or whatever], except he didn't win in his case any of those years because the guy who won was actually the friggin incarnation of ______________ [compilation of 20 best ever]

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