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Originally Posted by HabsProspectsExpert View Post
It is not because they are playing in the NCAA and not in the AHL, that we cannot evaluate them pretty accurately, I don't understand your point? I'm not comparing players they have been under contract, because obviously that would have been unfair. I'm comparing players that have or will play one day in the NHL. I'm sorry if this sound harsh, but if really think that players pick on the NCAA side will become better than the player picked on the CHL side, you don't know much about hockey. Obviously we cannot be 100% sure, but still...
For example, someone ask to Timmins at the combine do you think that this draft would be one of the best draft ever. He responded "We can't tell now, but we will know in 2 or 3 years."
The players I have listed enter in that time frame, if not more.
To be totally honest, that you'd think that I do or not know my hockey doesn't phase me one bit. Your analysis is flawed from the start and cannot (and will not) be complete until those players have reached their potential. You're basing it on your estimates, your own evaluation without having seen those players, without true knowledge of what the organization thinks.

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