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Originally Posted by chosen View Post

Saying coming in 2nd in the Norris is the same as coming in 9th or 11th is so ridiculous that it portrays not even understanding the discussion.

Coming in 2nd or 9th or 11th as a team could be thought of as similar, but we are not talking about teams, we are comparing skills of one player to another. If you believe that being considered the 2nd best player in the world to the 11th best player in the world you have lost sight of the discussion.

By the way, your hardware argument reminds me of those who told me that Bourque wasn't great as a Bruin because he didn't win a Cup there.
My argument is that 2nd doesn't matter anymore than 5th does and it doesn't. You still didn't win. I completely understand the discussion that hypothesizes that if Bobby Orr didn't exist that Brad Park would've won some Norris trophies. It's completely hypothetical and you're comparing that to something tangible.

Orr did exist and Park played for 10 years after Orr won his last Norris on THE SAME TEAM and still finished no better than 2nd in the voting for the Norris trophy. He played 75+ games five times after Orr was finished. Bottom line is that Leetch *WAS* considered the best in the NHL twice and Park wasn't and Leetch did it both times as a Ranger. You might be misunderstanding my advocation for Leetch as being the better career Ranger as somehow insulting the legacy of Brad Park. It isn't. Leetch was the better career Ranger player. Cup. Norris. Norris. Conn Smythe. Calder. Double the years.

As far as the Bourque remark - how many Norris trophies did he win with the Bruins? Lester Patrick Trophy? King Clancy Trophy? 1st all time in points scored by a defenseman? And on and on and on.
Bourque can be mentioned in the same sentence with Orr, once again, if you're considering their career achievements with that organization. I give Orr the edge, but Bourque is worthy of consideration.

Park was a great player and had a great career and certainly brought a lot to the table. Leetch, however, was the more successful career Ranger. And not just a singular trophy or two Norris trophies. It's a championship. It's being the MVP of that championship and if that doesn't trump finishing second in an individual award 5 times then I submit that YOUR argument is ridiculous.

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