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06-04-2013, 10:54 PM
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Throat protection

Right now I wear a low quality throat protector... the same one I've been wearing for 20 years, plus a shield.

Today my shield was broken by a helluva slapshot.

Do I just buy a new shield (and use my old throat protector), or go with a high quality throat protector, but no shield? I'm not bothered by the shield, in fact I think it gives me some confidence... Do non shield goalies feel confident in their throat protection?

Last year my larynx was fractured by a freak deflection and my shield jumping funny, and the puck getting to my throat- the one game where I forgot my protector. The puck was deflected a foot in front of me and went straight up. (And it got fractured again a month ago playing soccer). My voice is now **** and my thoughts of a singing career are over.

More experienced goalies- would a high end throat protector have helped?

And generally, what are other goalies out there wearing?

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