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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post

I dont get how one can rationalize that anyone, no matter how great of a "born leader" or legend of the game or savior of a particular franchise can become a top level, professional league coach without having SOME experience at SOME level without SOME sort of an adjustment period.

The first 100+ days (not even games) of Messiers coaching experience here is going to be all brandy-new, and hes going to be learning on the job, regardless of how awesome some may HOPE he will be. I've got some real questions here if he is hired:

What kind of camp is he going to run?
What is he going to do about all of his off-ice commitments?
What assistant coaches is HE going to recommend?
How is he going to communicate to the team, through the captain? As an authoritative figure Autocratic? Democratic?
Whats his policy regarding curfews?
What kind of practices is he going to run?
What are his feelings on game day skates and optionals?
How is he going to handle off-days and rest?
What are his plans for managing goaltenders?
etc., etc., ETC., ETC., ETC.

All of this is unknown, because he's NEVER BEEN A COACH!!!

What does that mean for the Rangers and the fans? They'll all be his guinea pigs to see what its like to be an NHL coach. Its really no different then one of us running an NHL Simulation on XBOX. He may have some idea of what being a coach is like (any of us who have played can) but you dont know what it will be like and how youll react until you actually try it. Spare me the pie-in-the-sky fantasies. This isnt the time for Messier to get his feet wet at the Rangers expense.

Lets think about this for a second. Sather fires Torts and claims that there are a lot of reasons, but namely because the CUP is the ultimate goal, and that's where this team needs to be. (his words) This is a coach who already won a cup, is the winningest american born coach who just lead the team to back to back playoff appearances into the second round. So whats the answer to get to the next level? Bring in someone whos nevers coached a single professional hockey game in his life. OF COURSE! That has to be the answer! It's so clear as day! And to top it off - lets make it one of the best players who's ever played the game! One that thinks the game like .0000000001% of the rest of the world! GENIUS!

Besides, I dont know why someone who is a living legend, who has reached the top of Mt. Olympus and essentially slayed Goliath with the whole world watching on the biggest stage in sports,would want to jeopardize that reputation by taking on a challenge that is destined for failure. Its all silly to me and it will not happen. (better not happen)
Epic post is epic. Also I agree with the sentiment here 110%. Hiring Messier would be a disaster.

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