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Eddie Olczyk coached in the NHL with little or no experience

“He’s going to need to have people around him that have a lot of experience,” said Olczyk, now an NBC in-game analyst in the midst of calling the Penguins-Bruins Eastern Conference finals.

“I don’t care how many Cups you’ve won or how many games you’ve played or where you come from, you need to have that experience alongside you and that trust factor.”

Olczyk made it clear the situation he dealt with in Pittsburgh was very different than the one Messier would be dealing with here in New York. Olczyk had a team needing a total rebuild, while he thinks the Rangers are just one or two pieces away from regaining elite status.

“There are just so many positives about the opportunity [with the Rangers] that whoever does get the job is going into a spot where, boy oh boy, a couple of tweaks here or there in-game, then adding a player, they become one of the favorites,” Olczyk said. “I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.”

Yet if Messier does get the job, it won’t be the easiest transition. A lot has been made recently about how great players don’t make great coaches, and although that’s something Olczyk doesn’t completely buy, he thinks there is no way to know what kind of coach someone is going to be until he is in that position.

“You realize as a player how much the coaches go through, but until you’re actually in the mix, you really have no idea as a player,” Olczyk said. “Your focus is in so many more directions. That aspect of it is very draining.”

In a rebuilding situation,you can make mistakes as a young coach.

This guy wants Messier because he coached his kid in a pee wee tournament

We waited as our kids suited up in silence, then watched the Zamboni make its last turns. I stood next to Messier. He nodded. Me and the captain, just two guys about to get it on. He was holding something. Blue note cards. Each had the name of a player, comments. There were also what appeared to be plays. Actual plays! When a locker-room door swung open, I could see a wipe board covered with lines, each representing a man descending on us.

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