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06-05-2013, 07:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
There are teams out there desperate for help on the PP. I still think we could get something decent for him.

We need to shore up our D though. And I don't think we can count on Markov to be healthy. We have to assume he'll miss a big part of the season. I'd rather be conservative and have him play healthy than assume he'll be there all season only to watch him get hurt.

We're not quite at the 'win it now' stage but we certainly don't want to be missing the playoffs at this stage. I wish we'd rebuilt more than we have but we're kind of at the point where we just need to start winning with what we've got. Markov is one of the guys that I'd look at trading just because I'm not sure what else he's got in the tank. I'm sure the Rangers would love to have him though... they desperately need a quarterback as their PP sucked.

If we trade him it can't just be for picks and prospects anymore. And that's going to make it harder to deal him.
He played a ton of minutes in a condensed schedule and didn't miss a game. I think it's flawed logic to think he will miss a big chunk of next year. fatigue was a factor in his play at times, but guys a lot younger and with less injuries also faced the same problem, part of it is not having played a lot the last 2 years and the other part is a crazy schedule. I think his overall game will be better next year and with Subban signed from day 1 his workload should be better managed.

That being said, moving him or signing him at some point in the next 6-9 months has to be one of the big issues on MB's docket. I don't like the idea of letting him walk at this stage in the team's development phase. I'm sure he would have a lot of value in a trade but also leave a big hole so it isn't an easy decision. Beaulieu should one day replace him somewhat but that may take 2-3 years, maybe more as he was only 20 this year.

Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
Playoff race or not I really like what the Sharks did this year with Clowe and Murray. If the intentions are to not bring back Markov and Gionta for example, I'd move them. Sharks swept the Cancuks and gave the Kings a run for their money and collected a **** load of picks
That is more the exception than the rule, they had older/slower vets holding back young players, plus Clowe was having a crap year anyways. Markov plays a much bigger role than either of those two and would be very hard to replace.

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