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10-08-2006, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by dsgutman View Post
hmmm yeah gators are damn sexy. but if you are doin center ice i might just have a proposition for you. ill chip in a few bucks a month to help you pay off, catch some games with you? b/c im dying to watch them, its just not fair to have no games after the past 8 years of watching just about every one
I thought of that as one of the kids in my hall is hardcore into the panthers too but its hard for one person, let alone 2 or 3 to watch my TV because I'm in the top bunk in a triple with two other WEIRD kids and my TV is on top of this tall closet so the only way to watch TV is on top of my bed because you can't see it from anywhere else.

If you know where the Ale house is by I75 and Archer, they have the NHL center Ice package and during weeknights if you ask they'd put the game on, its just on the weekends, theres college football or baseball now that they're playing, but weeknights you should be able to have them put it on.
Btw, if I lived in an apartment, it'd be welcome for all to come who are fellow panthers fans and watch the game but since I'm in a dorm, it's really difficult and wouldn't work out. Sorry but if you have digital cable, they have Center ice free preview for the next few days and we get lightning games, with 2 coming up this weekend that will be on cable up here against the panthers.

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