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Originally Posted by Tom22 View Post
the info is wrong: 3 years, annually 792.500 NHL, 92.500 AHL
No, he's right.

Players younger than 25 as of Sept. 15 in the calendar year their first NHL contract is signed are subject to the terms of Article 9 of the CBA and must sign an entry-level contract (ELC). This means the amount of salary and team-paid performance bonuses is capped, depending on his draft year or the year he signs. The length of the ELC is also specified based on the player's age.
18-21 3 years
22-23 2 years
24 1 year
25+ No Restriction *
* A one-year entry-level restriction applies to drafted players from Europe aged 25 to 27.
Raffl doesn't turn 25 until December 1. He is only eligible for a one-year deal.

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