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06-05-2013, 09:21 AM
orange is better
than other colors...
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Hurricanes are asetheticalluy pleasing from a design standpoint. I like the double white stripes on the home and I'm a big fan of the yoke squared off at the shoulder seem on the aways. However, I feel like something could be done to make them a bit more original and it might be something as simple as a 3rd color or black pants. Also, the skewed nature of their logo lends itself much better to an italicized typeface. It doesn't make sense to not use italics for the hurricanes typeface. It just makes too much sense. I really don't know why they neglected that. The simple addition of the italics would make this combo much better and much more original.

The stars jerseys are good. The color scheme is fine, and they're much better than what they've had recently in that regard... But that logo is simply not very good. It's not a logo I see lasting very long, as there's nothing really iconic about it that would lend itself to a lasting image. It looks very minor league to me. If they had just used a modernized version of the good 'ol "stars" logo but changed the gold to silver, it would be better.

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