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01-05-2004, 06:46 PM
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I dont think it was a dive, and Jovonoski was likely winded on the play, so his staying down was expected.

However, Jovonoski didnt miss a shift, so the fans treated him like he faked it.

Also, this was barely a week after Bertuzzi did his oscar nominated acting job when he pretended that a soft shot with the puck caved his face in, only to pop up, go to the bench and fail to miss a shift as soon as he got the whistle.

I'd guess that even though Jovo wasnt faking it, Bertuzzi's previous antics pretty much cast a doubt on any Canuck that goes down, apparently hurt, only to get back up immediately.

As an aside, Joe Sakic took a harder puck to the face on New Years Eve that broke his jaw. Not only did he not go down, or make any real act out of it, he went straight to the bench.

Sakic has a kind of class that Bertuzzi will never understand.

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