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Originally Posted by JimLaheyprobert View Post
You keep questioning people on if they watch the eastern confrence, but the more and more you post im wondering if you watch the eastern confrence, sure goonage doesnt happen every game, but alot of times in the last 3 minutes in a game, if 1 team is beating another team by 3 goals and the game looks like its over, that team will toss out their tough guys to start gooning it up. And u obviously dont watch ottawa to much because chris neil is one guy who does not play a clean game and will go after your star players if he had a chance. Look if you dont think the wings should have an enforcer then thats your opinion and your entitled to it, i agree with most people on this board, wings should get some bugger bodies who can fight but also play, but those guys are also extremely hard to find, so in the mean time while we r looking for those guys, we should sign an enforcer to a 1 year deal to prevent some of the stuff that will happen.
Really? Because I live in Toronto and have seen more Toronto games in my lifetime than Detroit ones. Wings games that are on NHL network get blocked out for me and any time there's a Leaf game it's on TV at home or at the bar. So I really doubt, you've seen more Eastern Conference games than I have.

Moving on, you keep discussing on how certain players are enforcers who are not enforcers. Just because Neil is a good and willing fighter, does not mean he is an "enforcer". He's a pesky player who can actually play the game, and is somewhat dirty by nature. Having a "goon" or "enforcer" of our own will not deter his play. All it will do is give us someone to respond to him when he does or said player will bring us unwanted attention in the form of initiating/engaging in fights/the rough stuff (you're basically encouraging his behaviour by signing a "goon" or enforcer).

The majority of "goons" in the Eastern Conference rarely play unless it's a rivalry game built on fighting (i.e. NJ/NYR, Tor/Ott, Tor/Bos, Mon/Ott, Tor/Mon etc.) and even in those games, a lot of the "goons" are being phased out of those teams. Players like Barch, Orr, Janssen, McLaren who struggle to actually play hockey and whose only purpose is to fight receive minimal game time and are often healthy scratches. Why do you think enforcers like MacIntyre, Godard, Gillies, Haley, Bickel etc. can't find work in the NHL? The game is evolving and apparently your beliefs are not matching its change.

There are plenty of players out there that can put in a regular shift, fight and be productive on the score sheet outside of fighting. Labrie, Konopka, Rupp, Engelland, Glass, Fraser etc. are all examples of such players. Also, "goons" are typically only used to initiate a response or change the momentum of a game; Detroit does this in a classier manner, by scoring goals. A pure enforcer will never have a place in the Wings organization.

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