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Originally Posted by Cerebral View Post
Any thoughts on the rest of the off-season signings? See any guys who could step in and start?
I put this together from what I've been hearing.... These are some predictions or could-happens for the Esks season. Some of these will come true. Some may not, but these are things the team could do in 2013, plus some predictions.

1. The offense will be much better, and far more dynamic and a risk-taking offense. With Doug Sams, it will be more of a big-play offense, with a diverse, attacking style. If you like a risk-taking offense, you’ll be entertained – win or lose.

2. We all know the O-line needs to be much better. I expect we’ll see the team start two imports on the line. Don’t be surprised if we see three playing at times during the season. Kris Sweet will have a big impact, and it will be a culture shock for them. Prinsen was a teddy bear, Sweet is a grizzly bear. He’ll call the O-line out often and they should be more motivated. I hope they'll be more skilled.

3. Receiver to watch: Ed Gant. The expect Gant to have a break-out season and that he can be as good as Arcenaux. He’s big, fast, and will pressure defences. He could have a far greater impact this year than you might think now. This leads to the next point….

4. Player to watch: Cary Koch, but not for the obvious reason. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t make the team. He could draw the short straw in a team that will be stacked at receiver. This is a possibility.

5. Our Canadian receivers will be very strong. Look for big strides from Coehoorn, Chambers and Carter. They expect this to be the best contingent of Canadian receivers in the league, not immediately but soon.

6. We’ll be much better at QB. No surprise here, right. They’re looking at Reilly to be a huge addition, and Nichols will really challenge him. There are players on the team who are huge fans of Nichols. Barring a big surprise, Joseph will make the team at No. 3. They love his leadership. They also love Jacory Harris, who has huge potential. Maybe he'll be IR'd? Calgary has the best QB depth, but soon we’ll be right behind.

7. One of three rookie kick returners (Terrance Lewis, Tavoy Moore or Tracy Lampley) will have a big impact as our leading kick returner. Joe Burnett will be removed from return duties, which they expect to improve his play big time in the backfield.

8. John White will likely play or back up in the offensive backfield and will surprise you. He’s quick, has great hands and is a candidate for some return duties. This is another name to watch.

9. The defensive line will be very strong (and deep), starting with Marcus Howard and Odell Willis. However, watch for Brandon Lang (a DE they brought in last fall) to be a great player. They love this guy and think he can develop to be one of the best LBs in the league. Capicciotti might play a lot, too. Kavis pushed to draft him and he is excellent. Almondo Sewell is a gem about to be discovered, and Donnie O. is also excellent. Even if Laurent gets hurt, they won’t miss a beat. Like I said, deep.

10. Watch two other guys at LB – Donovan Richard and Rennie Curran. Both have the potential to be as good as J.C. Sherritt.

11. At SAM-backer, T.J. Hill is aging, so either Eric Samuels or Desmond Morrow needs to shine. Hill may have one more good year. If Hill gets hurt, one of them will be pressed into action. Hill is one of the best players on the team, but doesn’t get all the recognition he deserves.

12. Name to watch: Michael Ricks is likely to make the team in Weldon Brown’s spot at HB. He was on the PR last season and needs to fix some mental mistakes.

A player to watch elsewhere is Collaros, backup QB with the Argos. He’s a Reilly in the making.

I’m predicting at least 10 wins for us, maybe 11 with a shot at 12. We’ll make the playoffs and will be in contention for second, or better. This team may start a little slow, but will start to gel big time.

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