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06-05-2013, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
Playoff race or not I really like what the Sharks did this year with Clowe and Murray. If the intentions are to not bring back Markov and Gionta for example, I'd move them. Sharks swept the Cancuks and gave the Kings a run for their money and collected a **** load of picks
Clowe scored 0 goals for the Sharks this year and Murray was their 7th Dman.

Markov on the other hand finished top 4 in the NHL for pts, 2nd for PP pts. Gionta is our captain, tied for 3rd for Goals by forwards on our team, 2nd in PP goals from Forwards.

But yea, I totally get comparing them to someone that didn't score one goal and a Dman that barely played half their games. Totally the same situation.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
There are teams out there desperate for help on the PP. I still think we could get something decent for him.

We need to shore up our D though. And I don't think we can count on Markov to be healthy. We have to assume he'll miss a big part of the season. I'd rather be conservative and have him play healthy than assume he'll be there all season only to watch him get hurt.

We're not quite at the 'win it now' stage but we certainly don't want to be missing the playoffs at this stage. I wish we'd rebuilt more than we have but we're kind of at the point where we just need to start winning with what we've got. Markov is one of the guys that I'd look at trading just because I'm not sure what else he's got in the tank. I'm sure the Rangers would love to have him though... they desperately need a quarterback as their PP sucked.

If we trade him it can't just be for picks and prospects anymore. And that's going to make it harder to deal him.

To be fair, if we move Markov, I think we'll be the team desperately looking for a PP QB. Nobody has shown the ability to really QB our PP.
Unless we find someone capable of replacing him there and feeding PK some good precise passes, I have no interest in moving him. Unless we're obviously out of the running and Markov doesn't want to re-sign at a cheaper price.

Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
We don't have time to wait for Markov to adjust. Dude is beat-up. Let's get rid of him now and look to the futur.

We are in a rebuild mode, not in a "win now" mode.
So beat up he just finished 2nd in the NHL for PP pts, top 4 overall for points. Ya, I think I'll be a little more patient with the guy, it might just be worth it.

Sometimes, it's a lot better to risk keeping the player than to trade him away for cheap value.

What if Markov isn't beat-up? Just entertain this idea. Then what? You trade him for a return that really doesn't match his actual value, you see him perform well on another team, again one of the leaders in pp Pts in the NHL, we whine about how we need a QB for our PP. Awesome.

If we were talking about a Souray type of player, then I'd agree with you because even if he isn't beat up, he still isn't that great no matter how serviceable.
Markov on the other hand, if he can adjust his game focusing a lot more on smart positioning (like Lidstrom had to do) , reduce his pinches, and be smart when engaging battles in the corners (to protect himself), then he can remain a very, very solid Dman. Not to mention his always present offensive production.

So ya, I'm gonna wait to see how he performs this year before jumping the gun. Maybe he slowed down due to other reason than the very simple ''he's beat up''.
Maybe it's due to him playing 20 games in the past 2 years before this season?
Maybe it's due to him losing his partner and simply not having the same balance with his replacement?
If you look back at his career, Markov always looked best when paired with a bigger defensive guy. So it isn't surprising he didn't look as good without Emelin.
Maybe it's the fact he played 48 games in 99 days? Not to mention the games in the KHL.

I mean, didn't the whole team look beat up by season's end? So why is it that Markov needs to be traded because of it? The whole team seem to downshift into a lower gear, it wasn't just Markov.
Heck, people were even saying that for a 19yo rookie. They were saying how Gally is probably tired having played so little last year when he went through his funk. Markov played barely played over the past 3years!

Markov's season was a success, not a failure. This was an amazing bounce back year for him. I don't understand how anybody can view it and not be excited about having him back. Skeptical that he can remain healthy, fine, I get it. I have my doubts as well. But I'm not risking trading him. The return we'll get will never be better than him if he's able to keep adapting. So, I much rather gamble on him than against.

And we're not in a rebuild mode. We're in a transitional period where the youngsters are taking over.

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