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06-05-2013, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
Quite possibly. I might be using this season for Gorges as a bit of bias, as he played quite bad down the stretch. I've thought he's a #4/#5 fringe guy. Maybe he is a #3/#4 guy.

I don't remember Markov being a positionally sound defenseman to pair with Subban as shutdown, but i could be forgetting.

Also, i lost track at the number of defenseman and which roles they play. Please summarise...
Subban: #1 ES, top PP unit shooter, didn't see much PK even though he should have. Played 3rd pairing with Boullion to start, management came to their senses eventually and played top unit ES and PP after Diaz injury.
Markov: #2, played all situations. Top PP playmaker. Played shutdown 2nd unit with Emelin.
Gorges: Top 4 defensive specialist. Lots of PKing which is his best discipline
Diaz: Top 4 puck moving specialist. Mainly 2nd unit work with Gorges. 2nd unit PP after starting on the 1st unit.
Emelin: Top 4 physical/defensive specialist. Shutdown work with Markov. Regular PK work which he competent but not particularly great at.
Boullion: Bottom pairing ES. Played both PP and PK, was terrible at both special teams.

So Subban is brilliant, after him is 4 guys with various strengths and weaknesses that can fill out a top 4. And then there is Boullion who got overplayed and out of his depth at any role but bottom pair ES.

Markov's issue is mobility, not positioning. When defending in zone he's quite solid, its only when the game gets away from him on the rush where he has some problems.

Markov-Subban were put together at the end of the year and the result was a pairng that simply owned the puck. This is particularly noticable in the playoff series against Ottawa where they were the go to unit for taking defensive draws and they got matched up heavily against Karlsson, one of the league's better puck control players. They were extrodinarily attempt at retriving the puck and moving it out and out-chanced the Sens heavily, only to be undone by the imbalance in goaltending.

It can get pretty easy to over-estimate the amount of talent there is league wide. A 3/4 is essentially and average starting lineup defenseman. Which is basically what the Gorges and Scudari types are, guys that won't be on the 3rd pair unless their team is extraordinarily deep.

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