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06-05-2013, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by jadeddog View Post
sports teams lie about their players size ALL THE TIME... this seems to be especially true in hockey, as it doesn't seem as common in football... i can't comment on whether this happens in basketball or baseball, but i know for a fact that it happens in hockey and football

i have no idea how heavy RNH actually is, all i'm saying is that teams list incorrect numbers *on purpose* all the time
A) If you "know for a fact" that NHL teams provide false information on player height and weight then please provide a link to back it up. Until that happens, lets just call it your opinion.

B) If they list incorrect numbers "on purpose," then please explain what that purpose is. Because I personally cannot think of a single benefit they would get from falsifying information.

Something tells me I'll be waiting a while for this proof/explanation.

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