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Originally Posted by vinc90 View Post
i find the p90x workout a good combination of strength and cardio workouts. im currently one month into the program and ive definitely noticed that my overall fitness has improved. it also has a more cardio oriented program too. it does take a big commitment though bc its 6 days a week and workouts range from 1 to 1.5 hours (also the cost of the workout cds and equipment).
Isnt the P90X workouts meant to be 45 min to 1 hour in duration. Also Insanity and Crossfit have similar methodologies. The idea of full body, intensity circuit training offering loads of variety. I am sure its great.

Yet I believe its not enough. The videos such as P90X and Insanity (not Crossfit exactly).

Those videos are great but they dont incorporate running. I believe in adding a bit of a run/jog in your weekly routine for all purposes. Long distance running can build up leg strength and increase your aerobic fitness levels. Anywhere between 20-40 minutes I would say. Like going for a 3-5 mile run 1-2x a week on top of your schedule.

Another thing about the videos is it forces you inside. In a small room usually. Andy O'brien said that he likes to take Crosby and his clients away from the gym and to the track to work on sprints and just work out outside. More open area.

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