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Originally Posted by blinds View Post
I've thought for awhile that keeping Bryz for an extra year before a buyout to give him another chance was a good idea, but I'm starting to lean towards buying him out now for a few reasons (I know this may be repetitive):

1. He's lost the coach's confidence
2. He's lost the team's confidence
3. He's lost the organization's confidence (see Snider)
4. He doesn't seem to give a **** what happens to him or the team (I don't know how you make it to the NHL having an attitude like he does)
5. He seems like he'd be an awful mentor to Mason because of his attitude and the culture disconnect (sorry to pull the Russian card, but that seems like it could be a factor)
6. It's evident at this point that Bryz was a systems goalie who relies on a defensive system like the Coyotes had to excel. Keeping Lavi means he still won't fit in.

Given all this, I dont think it's very likely he has a rebound season and the fact that our defense and systems will remain relatively the same, what with not many options defense-wise and keeping Lavi. What I'd like to do is bite the bullet and buy him out now, and get Thomas in here instead for these reasons:

1. Most importantly, the guy just won a Conn Smythe. He's good enough. Also he's been staying in shape during his off year.
2. He wants to play for the Flyers, and has the extra motivation to make his case for the Olympics.
3. He's a competitor and would make a much better mentor to Mason.
4. Lower cap hit might allow us to pursue someone like Streit.
5. I'll state it again: Attitude. He has the right one, Bryz does not. This means the world for a team game.

Agree, disagree, thoughts?
Why not hire a coach who employs a defensive system to get the most out of Bryzgalov? If Bryz is a system goalie, then lets run that system.

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