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Originally Posted by nabob View Post
Well it sure us lucky that SS had that good 15 game stretch to start the season then last year, and then packed it in when the playoffs were on the line.

In his 5th season in the NHL Horcoff had 73 points, and was the 1st line center on a team that went to game 7 of the SCF. In his 6th season he got 51 points while playing all the tough minutes, in his 7th season he was nearly a PPG player on a brutal team having to shelter the kid line. Then injuries took their toll on him.

Gagner has struggled to improve at all over 6 NHL seasons where he has received sheltered minutes, hell even last season an Injured 19 year old RNH was more physical and much better defensively than Gagner.

Gagner is no where near the player Horcoff was during his 5th-7th seasons. Do the math.

And if you are going to use the age debate then I guess we should just get rid of Schultz because he went to college like Horcoff did.
horcoff was a lot older during those 5-7 seasons, and had a lot more experience playing in high-level leagues (NCAA, AHL, NHL)... horcoff was 27 years old in his 5th NHL season, while gagner was 22... that is 5 years of hockey experience and training that horcoff had over gagner .... apples to oranges here

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