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06-05-2013, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Caser View Post
Also I think that this season was pretty bad for our defenders:

KHL defenders (except, maybe, Belov) totally failed at WC
Tyutin had a decent season in NHL, but failed at WC correct
Volchenkov had a horrible season, looks like all the injuries he had in the last few years damaged his level correct, on his way down. Looks like injuries have tolled his body and slowed him down
Markov had a decent season returning after knee injuries, but he has lost all the speed, which was a problem even on small NHL rinks and definitely will be a defensive problem on large rinks I think Markov is still a canidate
Gonchar is not the same anymore and, again, he is rather slow for large rinks So wrong on this one. Gonchar showed he could still play on the big rink in Magnitka and hasn't lost a step in Ottawa. I think his footwork is still his best asset.
Emelin - injured, out until December Correct
Kulikov - also a lot of injuries this season, hope the next season will be better
Nikitin - was rather bad at WC 2012, doesn't look like he had a lot of progress this season, although I've heard that he has improved in his defensive game He was progressing really well until injuries hit him this year. Still could be a factor, Russia will need one or two big bodied guy back there.
Orlov - was fighting with injuries and failed to get to the Washington roster This guy deserves to be in the NHL, potential star Dman, has same tools Voynov. Very fast, mobile, has better hands than most forwards, physical, bomb from the point... AHL can no longer benefit him. Maybe he will be considered if he plays great in NHL next season.
Voynov - he is fine, hope he will continue that way Will be Russias #1 Dman without a doubt.
In case you haven't noticed, most defenseman are smallish offensive Dmen. The defensive big guys like Volchenkov (passed prime) and Nikitin (Borderline NT player) are all that is left it seems until Zadorov matures.. I can't think of any KHL guys who are big, fast. physical and skilled - any ideas? Shut down guy?

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