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10-09-2006, 09:30 AM
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Asham, Kilger and Robidas should be deleted from the list. Let's just say that this thread should be for guys that left recently and we still want to figure out who won the trade if it applies, or if it was a good thing to let them go. Those 3 are long long gone and I couldn't care less. Let's just prove that we do have that kind of thread opened, but we also can let it go and those 3 would be good examples.....'Cause we do have to let go at one point.

So we should keep track of:

Ribeiro (of course, too recent)
Zednik (see Ribs)
Bulis (see Ribs)
Theodore (I think we'll want to follow him till he dies.....)
Brisebois (see Theo....)
Hossa (we still can compare his input vs Murray)
Ward(thought that he would've been better than any 3rd or 4th liners that we have)
Hainsey (still want to know what kind of progression he's having..)
Beauchemin (just to remind us that this should never have happened, at least do like Hossa or even Hainsey, give the guys their chance to shine, if they have it and don't use it, it's not our fault anymore, so their success elsewhere has nothing to do with the Habs bad judgment.....but this does.....)
Garon (there's still a watch for that trade. Contrary to most of you and still think he's a valuable goalie and have confidence he'll bounce back. Not because Crawformd is an idiot thinking Cloutier will do the job that it's Garon's fault. I believe Garon will become again the #1 goalie on this team)

Very good idea to keep this in one thread, it will be easier on the eyes instead of having tons of threads on the same guy every day something happens....

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