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01-05-2004, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove
Interesting ideas for changes to the OT rules.

But do you guys feel that the guaranteed point has been beneficial?

Has it accomplished what it set out to do?

Do you like the point for an OT loss?

I, for one, can't stand it. I take it Guzmaniac likes it because it at the very least creates something that isn't a tie even if more and more games are actually ending in a tie.
Does overtime cause more ties? By definition it can't, only games that are tied go to overtime. We all would be walkin out of the building in the bad old days. I don't see the advantage of playing for a tie so one can win in OT, so I don't think that is a strategy that is used. If you can win in reg you win in reg. I like the fact that you can let loose after sixty and the the accomlishment of attaining the point can't be tainted. If I was to guess about why there seems to be more games knotted after regulation I'd say that there is more parity. Remember this rule comes in as expansion teams are begining to flourish the haves posess less; there is a larger middle class; the have nots are still close enough to eak out a tie. We can tweek what we have but many of the strategic aspects of the game are covered in this format. You are right Death from, I like it, (no accounting for taste).

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