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06-05-2013, 08:51 PM
Steel your Habs away
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
But you are a fan of their team, or roster if you prefer..You said so yourself. You would love to have a team that plays and is built like them. You're not the only one. Some consider them the ideal team.
So you are a fan of their roster. Put the Habs logo on those jerseys and you're absolutely in love with the team.

So, ět really isn't a stretch to say you're a fan of them. You can be a fan of their team and still hate them because they're your nemesis.
I was a huge fan of the Nordiques/Colorado because they had players I absolutely loved. Some of my favorites of all time. Nothing wrong with that.
Being a fan of the team means you are cheering for it. You have no idea how much I swear everytime they score. Geez, I can't watch a whole game now since I'm way too frustrated seeing them as good as they play. So no, it doesn't make me a fan. Of the style? For sure...but who doesn't? Who doesn't think we needed a greater mix on our team? Who? And for the fun of the game...who wouldn't want to see a team winning....and if you can on top of that win the grit and tough game, people would hate it? Who in here would have hated to see the same treatment Bruins gave us 2 years ago? People would still be dancing. Geez, one of our best Kovalev memory was his elbow towards Tucker. And Bouillon best memory when he retires will be when he dropped the same Tucker. We love that type of hockey. But somehow, because we haven't had that type of hockey, some tried to pretend that it was fine....that we weren't like that. That we wouldn't take Lucic or Marchand on our team. And all that BS.

I want my team to be like the Bruins so we can ****ing beat the hell out of them. How is that as a fan now?

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