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06-05-2013, 09:06 PM
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You need one good PMD on each tandem while the other stay at home types are still no slouches as clearing the puck or moving it out no matter how good or bad their skating. I think these guys with Gus could supply that, of course if you question Zadarov then you go with Risto. Besides defenders like these make it hard to come into our zone and harder to go to the corners in dumping anc chasing and then harder to lift their sore arms for shots, and even harder to see our goalie through the giants bodies. *L*
Remember Kjell Samuelson wasn't a PMD or good skater but he always was good at clearing or moving the puck up out of the defensive zone which always managed to be part of helping us score goals even if he didn't receive the assist and point for doing so.
Coburn is supposed to be fast and good at moving the puck yet can't seem to clear it and get it out of the zone, poor positioning, slow getting off the ice for line changes, and played poorly as his +- showed, and I was right, when he was sidelined we played better without him. Lauridsen is a cheaper alternative more stable defender with more intensity and hits. With Nurse and Zadarov you have Pronger and Chara 2.0 hopefully.

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