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Originally Posted by andy28 View Post
They do. People who wear seatbelts die in cars, too. But the seatbelt gives a lot of people a better chance. When another team starts shoving you around its nice to have someone to make bullying you less fun. When the job becomes more painful, instinct makes you do it less. Plus when your team is down it's always nice to win one battle. You are losing on the scoreboard and then you get our butt handed to you, it can be pretty demoralizing. Fighting happens in hockey whether we have the guys to do it or not, we can't avoid it. Would rather see someone else handle it than have to watch what happened to Tom Pyatt a couple years ago.

Last season a few of our players started asking for someone to fill that role. Plekanec was one of them, I think. Staubitz was brought in. Not exactly the best player for the job, but he did it, and the players said they felt a lot more comfortable having him out there for certain games. Players feeling less scared is a plus, and maybe I'm crazy, but I think that could help you win games now and then.

We were told in the last offseason that things were changing, that playing the Habs was going to hurt. I would like to see a little of that.
It's going to take more than one season. They kept Moen and added Prust, which turned into a lateral move because of Moen's decline which is hopefully temporary. Prust couldn't do it alone and he ended the season a cripple.

We need 4 or 5 Prusts on the roster, basically.

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