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06-06-2013, 02:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Morozov View Post
Dave Taylor hasn't done jack a lot of the year, turned it on recently but would have to maintain it to get Meninga on side.

because Myles is one of the dirtiest blokes in the game and everyone knows it. He is a hard, tough bloke no doubt, he's also a complete grub who intentionally headbutts people when he tackles, go look on youtube there's a nice compilation video of him doing it. Wiped Farah out in Origin last year doing it as well. Only the most passionately one eyed Queenslander wouldn't be able to see that Myles as good as he is, is a complete piece of ****.

No way it should of been a send off, this is Origin, there was a Union game on at the same time for those who aren't up for it. Good on the refs for not letting the softening of Origin continue. Queensland got a penalty, Gallen pays his price by getting suspended for a week, problem solved.

If you want to crack down on people having a fight and send them off, what are you going to do about the fact that half the tackles in Origin could be awarded a penalty in a club game? almost every tackle Inglis made last night was him trying to choke somebody out lol.
With all due respect, that was not a fight. One guy had his arms by his side, the other guy puts 2 on his chin - that's a cheap shot in anyones language. Of course there should be some latitude for an Origin game - that's fine. What Gallen did was way beyond that

Gallen should have at least been sat for 10 - read what Bill Harrigan said in today's paper.
Just because Myles plays a certain way doesn't mean that different rules apply. Gallen is the same type of player as Myles, tough, hard , uncomprising and sometimes dirty - it doesn't mean its okay to cheap shot Gallen.

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