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06-06-2013, 02:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Angry Boys View Post
With all due respect, that was not a fight. One guy had his arms by his side, the other guy puts 2 on his chin - that's a cheap shot in anyones language. Of course there should be some latitude for an Origin game - that's fine. What Gallen did was way beyond that

Gallen should have at least been sat for 10 - read what Bill Harrigan said in today's paper.
Just because Myles plays a certain way doesn't mean that different rules apply. Gallen is the same type of player as Myles, tough, hard , uncomprising and sometimes dirty - it doesn't mean its okay to cheap shot Gallen.
Why would I care what Bill Harrigan has to say about it?

Myles deserved what he got for being a massive grub, he plays like a dirty piece of **** and someone stood up to him and did something about it. Myles cheap shots everyone play like that long enough and somebody is going to get fed up.

Let the tears flow though Queensland fans, good on Myles for conceding that it's all part of Origin, that it should be left on the field and that he didn't even want Gallen to be suspended. He knows what he signs up for when he plays the way he does. Funny it takes the bloke actually involved to put that out there while the Queensland fans whine about it.

Hopefully one of the NSW blokes hands out another belting in game 2 because the Queenslander's didn't do anything about it.

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