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Originally Posted by andy28 View Post
I think it helps. You take last year when Boyle started picking on Karlsson. Next game Sens sent out Konopka and Carkner to send him a little message. How does that help? Well, on the Habs, Karlsson would have just continued getting picked on and that can get a little emasculating after a while. You don't see any justice and you have no hope things will be better. What Carkner did not only sent a message to Boyle that you better not pick on EK, it also sent a message to Karlsson that someone has his back. So, Boyle stole your lunch money kid. Don't fret, I am gonna go steal it back for you. It also showed that Paul MacLean has his back, too. That's encouraging. Habs players have to sit and watch while someone steals their lunch money. That happens to you enough, it's pretty hard not lose hope. If you had to go to work everyday at a job where someone give you a little face wash and calls you his little $%%^^, you'd start finding it pretty demoralizing to go to work. Luckily, at most jobs people are not allowed to do that. In hockey, the ref is supposed to keep things in check but he lets a lot more go than the manager at the office. So even if you can't always stop it from happening in the first place it always helps to see a little justice. And since hockey is not reffed in a way where that is always provided, a few vigilantes are needed.

Would I rather have a guy who can fight and hit and also is a really good hockey player. You bet. But they aren't always easy to come by and beggers can't be choosers. Get someone who isn't a too much of a liabilty and play him as you need him.
that was Boyle being dumb, it's quite obvious actually... you have no goons, no type of enforcer ala Neil or something and you don't play a physical team game much ? don't pick on opponents, just do legal hits and al'...

perfect example of this, DRW dont have enforcers or goons, yet no one try to intimidate them, they play their game without trying to agitate or anything and they're doing just fine. (and YES they crash the net, every single one of them)

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