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06-06-2013, 03:33 AM
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The Amnesty market is more interesting than the FA one IMO. If 15 high salary players get bought out - adding those to the FA pool will make it more interesting. And also reduce the price on the free agent market quite a bit. Which Is most likely the script from the league all along as they foresaw this when the cap number going down was decided upon and the limited amount of total remaining space which would be left for the 200 odd players now up for new contracts. Smart move by the league short term.
I am sure we will see at least one roster pickup here for the Rangers especially I Richards is bought out. And there is really no alternative left now other than buying him out due to the recapture paragraph in the new CBA. I expect 2 new bigger names on the team next year, plus a trade or two. Maybe a lefty defenseman plus a bottom 6 player ( or two) is sent packing. Will surely be interesting to follow. Does the brass think we can be over th top with a few moves now or do they move fwd in a longer perspective. My money is on a shorter term answer ( not necessarily what I vouch for) as Sathers window is getting smaller. Both for him and Hank.

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