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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
Ywah, that Coughlin guy is on nobody's radar.. now he is going to be on everyoes. What a stupid, stupid move. It appears that way, anyway.

maybe Grant can shed some light?
Nobody is going to draft a player just because another team likes him. Scouts draft players THEY like, you hear the poker face thing in round 1 where there is a lot more drama but in later rounds one team may like a guy in the 5th while another wouldn't even invite him to a tryout camp. I'm sure every NHL team knows Coughlan and the Hbas liking him won't make their view of him any better or worse.

Originally Posted by Sam I Am View Post
Laplante has crazy speed but Dauphin looks really very good. Completely dominating.

Love to draft him--I wonder if he'll be available in the second round.
Laplante is a guy who's legs go 100 miles an hour, high energy guy. Not a great natural skater but goes "fast" with energy. I think he is a guy TT and MB really like, not sure which pick they would taget him...maybe Habs 2nd or Dallas 3rd. He won't be there at #85.

Originally Posted by Draft View Post
Looks as if Bailey's father was an NFL linebacker with the Buffalo Bills. There's the pedigree Timmins looks for. He's a very smooth skater and looks like he has a lot of potential. Going to the OHL was a big step for him, a little more time to transition and I think he could be a dominant player there. Could end up like a Chris Stewart type player. Seems like he'd be a very good pick.
He'd be an ideal pick at #55, a bit risky at #34 or 36 with the players who should be there.

Originally Posted by Jabba11 View Post
Just to remind everyone, Patrice Bergeron (45th), Milan Lucic(50th) and David Krejci(63rd) were all 2nd rounders. We better get some nice players this year and not let Dauphin pass by us.
Reason #5,875 not to pass on guys like Petan, Dauphin etc for big goofs with no skill in the early rounds. Marchand was also #71 in the 3rd round. For all the talk of the Big Bad Bruins they're all bout skill guys like Bergeron Krejci Marchand and Rask in nets. No doubt Chara, Lucic and Horton play a big role but without the other 4 they are playing golf, not hockey in May and June.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I will always be really careful when comes the time to draft a bottom 6 grit guy with a really high pick. I mean, we don't know what the future holds, they may have the last laugh...but geez did we think and still think how the Oilers ****ed up their 1st pick of the 2nd round last year going with Moroz while a guy like Collberg was there. Or even a guy like Sutter when Frk was still there. Though, not in hindsight, I thought Sutter would become much better than what he showed this year but something was sure....Frk was a steal at that spot.
Read my quote above...Marchand Krejci Bergeron etc. Would be a shame to pass on a top 6 forward or top 4 d-man to draft the next Ian Schultz or Mike Blunden.

Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
Kyle Woodlief was also saying this morning on TSN radio that if ever Poirier was still available at 25 and the Habs like him, that's where they need to pick him up (because he won't be available for their 2nd pick)....
I like Poirier, but I hope we have somebody higher on our list than him at #25. At #34 and 36 yes, he belongs in the conversation. Like Mantha you have to consider that he is around 5-6 months older than the average 2013 draft prospect.

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