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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
'Cause he isn't? Only reason I see. Makes no sense to be secretive and now totally open like that. I know it's the Bergevin era and not Gauthier but there's a freakin limit.
Originally Posted by Runner77 View Post
It's nothing but a smokescreen. Oldest trick in the book. Timmins has been at this long enough. The biggest liars at this time of year are on every team's scouting department.

Or maybe it's a double smokescreen (smog).

Every GM has a list of the invitees to the other teams' combines. So that part is no secret. Every GM or head scout knows no one tips their hand.

Maybe TT figures the only way to pull attention off Liam McCoughlin is to declare that he is a sleeper and all the other GMs & head scouts will think like Whitesnake, "Aw forget it Trevie is trying to pull a fast one."


If no one knows about him as of today and he has not been invited to any combines except for the Habs, I don't think he'll be invited to a combine at the last second just because of what Trevor said to a reporter. In other words other teams already know this kid or they don't and couldn't be bothered.

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