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06-06-2013, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
are you trying to tell me that a second division finnish league with 5-10 NHLers on vacation skating to stay in shape is a better league than the Russian league that pays for better players and is a better overall produ
ct than any league other than the NHL? And who cares if Radulov is the highest payed player over there? Does Rick Dipietro still have the longest contract for a goalie in the NHL? By this logic, What does that say about the NHL?

It is time to just let go of Radulov. Fact is, if he sucked so bad, fans wouldn't be ******** over him playing over there. This what could have been attitude is getting old.

Not every Russian is the same. There are just as many that will bust their ass to make in this league as there any other nationality. Cold War is over folks.
The KHL is a better league probably so overall but it is not on this pedestal you attempt to place it on to downgrade an observation on Barkov.
On vacation to stay in shape huh.. Not sure if you have ever been an athlete at a high level but to get there you are very competitive and do not skate around on vacation during a game.

I agree the cold war is over and yes plenty of Russians are great players
and fun to watch. However the ones who are truly like that do not pop off at the mouth with what they demand and say they have nothing to prove.

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