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Originally Posted by Lundsanity30 View Post
Well then don't complain when the Rangers can't score goals next season either. Do you think a new coach/system is all of a sudden going to turn the Rangers into a legit contender? You guys don't want to sign UFAs and you don't want to make trades so we're gonna have the same problem scoring goals.
What a new system will do for the players, I can't say. But to suggest that it won't mean anything is foolish. We've all seen players do well on one team and struggle on another. We've seen teams perform better with basically the same pieces when a new coach/system is brought in.

How did Gretzky do in phoenix? How did Tippett do with basically the same team?
How did Ron Wilson do in toronto? How did Carlyle do this year with basically the same team?

Maybe some of our players do better under a new coach. Maybe some do worse. Maybe the team as a whole doesn't really change as a result. I don't know what will happen.

But I do believe that Tort's system wore down the players. I do believe that some creativity was lost due to the fear of making mistakes. Maybe another coach will come in and we'll have the same problem. Maybe another coach will come in and we'll have more creativity and more offense, but not enough defensive discipline.

Again, I don't know what will happen. But until we see what the new coach brings, what type of system he employs, and how the players play in that system, how can we make educated personnel decisions?

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