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06-06-2013, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Pens just traded Jordan because he wanted to play with his brother. Trading a recently injured Staal, who only has 2 years left? Kreider isn't worth much until he produces consistently. Pens laugh at this offer.

Clowe and Hagelin are superior to Kreider. Unless your Bernmeister who wholeheartedly believes Kreider is more valuable than Stepan.

You just argued that you didn't imply what you just implied. And then you follow that up with this chestnut....

You're one of the people that's bought into the idea that trading MDZ for a forward is going to turn this team into some offensive beast that needs to be taking seriously.

Who is this forward that we're trading MDZ for anyway???
Boom, I don't see anyone saying trading MDZ for a forward is going to make this team #1 in the NHL offensively. Stop with the exaggerations.

I think what people have come to realize is that moving forward, if the Rangers expect to keep Staal, McDonagh and Moore, which is a more than solid left side, MDZ is the odd-man out. I would have no problem moving Moore IF he had the same value as MDZ, but he does not.

Moving into the future, the Rangers will need help offensively. Good young forwards seem to be hard to come by for this organization and they can't pay McDonagh, Staal and MDZ to all play on the left-side. That is too much money tied up in the same position.

Neither Staal, nor MDZ have proven they can play successfully on the right side.

It just so happens that with Richards future buyout, they need a C or LW as they are weak at both. RW seems to be a strength moving forward. So is defense.

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