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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I think montreal is right in saying it depends. I'm no scout myself but I've read a bit about the profession and it seems like that's the case - some GMs are more hands on, and some are not. As an example, I believe Doug MacLean was so high on Nikolai Zherdev that he would have drafted him no matter what his scouts said. Gainey always maintained the position that he deferred to Timmins, I don't know about Gauthier or Bergevin's styles in comparison.

I think it's reasonable to say that in the first round, the GM has final say, especially if it's a high pick. There's a good chance he's seen the player too. In the second rounds and beyond, it's much more of the head scout's final call.

Of course, this is just from what I've gleaned...we have an actual ex-NHL scout floating around here that could probably set us all straight
Timmins in an interview with the Gazette said he pushed Gauthier to find a way to trade up to nab Tinordi. Not sure if that is the way it always was, but it gives a little insight.

Also the picking the prospect in the Gomez trade story sounds like people are mixing the Kovalev trade story about Balej and Plekanec with the Gomez one. Don't know where the latter one came from either, but there are always these stories, which conflict with other ones, like the one habs fans invented that Gauthier wanted Fischer over Giroux, even though Grant has repeatedly said it was a Habs scout that went to bat for Fischer (another example of the Canadiens GMs deferring to their scouting staff).

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