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Originally Posted by mike14 View Post
At the time most on here thought Sather had just made another 'steal' trade and that we were clear winners
Lisin was a dog, two teams gave up on him in 3 years, yet our guys thought he was worth trading a very serviceable LK for. He would have been a good player under Torts, still don't get it, even if it was about money.

Originally Posted by mike14 View Post
Tyutin for Zherdev pissed me off then and still pisses me off now. I have no problem with trading Tyuts (much like the MDZ situation we have now) for a top 6 winger, but it had to be for a reliable winger, which Zherdev was anythinh but
WE had a surplus of Dmen and Zherdev was one of the best names being dangled at the time. Made sense, Zherdev is a head case, that was always the case since his draft year.

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Does anyone know who was high up on the Rangers draft board in '05 (aside from Staal obv)?

I was always curious if they would have stayed at 16 (and kept 41) who they might have targeted there.

If they went D again, I'm guessing they would have gone with Parent or Lashoff.

41 might have been interesting if they'd still take Sauer at 40. Wonder if they would have considered Stasny.

It would have been Bourett like most have said.

I liked Sauer, but didn't like the 2nd round pick. Sauer had injury problems and his older brother was already suffering with some bad injuries in the pro's, I knew there was something to all that. In the end, I was right, though I wished I wasn't.

Would have taken Stastny or Latendresse.

Originally Posted by Punxrocknyc19 View Post
My favorite was the Pavel Bure trade.... too bad he got hurt. Imagine if he was still able to play. One of the few stars that played well here although it was the dark years.
Bure trade was not good. That was the time we should have been adding more youth, that team was going nowhere and we already had enough veteran players on their last legs. Another situation where the prospect cupboard was bare yet we continued to add players thinking we could make a run. A run at what, 8th place ? Couldn't even do that, yet we were WASTING 1st rounders on guys that made their bones years before on better clubs.

Originally Posted by h0ckeyman View Post
Date March 7, 1989

Buffalo Sabres acquire:
1990 5th round pick (#97-Richard Smehlik)

New York Rangers acquire:
Lindy Ruff
Horrible trade, yet we had 3 5th rounders that year, we took a guy named Sergei Zubov with the first pick in round 5.

Originally Posted by Brian Boyle View Post
June 2, 1978
Philadelphia Flyers acquire 1978 1st round pick (#7-Ken Linseman)
New York Rangers acquire right to hire head coach Fred Shero

Well that's certainly an interesting trade. Could that even go down in today's NHL?
IDK if a trade for a coach happens like that now, not for a first round pick. We've done that twice that I know of - Shero, then almost ten years later for Bergeron. That pick ended up being Dan Dore, not Sakic like some thought. Sakic was taken with the pick they aquired by trading Dale Hunter to the Caps.

Sidenote - Quebec could have added Selanne and Roenick to that great group of players they were stockpiling in 1988, instead they took Dore and Leschyshyn.

Originally Posted by Crease View Post
The Rick Middleton trade was an unmitigated disaster. 23 year old Middleton goes on to score 400+ goals for Boston while aging Ken Hodge plays a season and a half before being sent down to the minors ala Redden.
Originally Posted by Crease View Post
Espo and Cherry alluded to the fact that Middleton needed to get out of New York or "he would have gotten into trouble". Something along the lines of hanging out with the wrong crowd, drugs, alcohol, etc. He did stay out of trouble in Boston, and his prime was absolutely HHOF-calibre.
That's the only tidbit that could explain trading him, but the irony is that Murdoch ended up being that guy they warned of. He was the guy they figured could take over for Middleton. Murdoch had scored 170 goals in 140 games for Medicine Hat the two seasons before he arrived in NY. Such a waste of talent....

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post

Although the trade that sent Ridley and Miller to Washington for Bobby Carpenter was a real gemstone too.
Probably the worst after Middleton, but its close. I was 13 at the time, I remember being really excited we were getting a 50 goal scorer .

Originally Posted by Mio41 View Post
Knuckles Nilan acquisition, started turning this franchise in the right direction, he and Joe Patterson fought us some respect
Yet another example of getting a good player on the downside of his career. Started to flame out his last two years in Montreal.

Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
This was bad too--losing Norstrom was the worst. Solid no nonsense defenseman for a long time.
Not only was he a good dman, but the kind of stay at hom the team sorely missed going into the dark years.

Originally Posted by Mio41 View Post
Didn't like the Eddie Mio trade to the Wings either
I liked him on the Rangers, but he was done after that trade. Vanbies was waiting in the wings.

Originally Posted by Mio41 View Post
Trading Kjell Samuelsson was a mess too, played 14 seasons after we traded him
Traded him with a 2nd rounder to Philly for Bob friggin Froese !

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