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06-06-2013, 11:41 AM
R.I.P. Pavol.
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Let me say someone who works for a NHL team.

You guys with sports management degrees are in for a rude awaking if you think NHL franchises give a **** about that degree.

Sport management is a money-maker for state universities that draws people into their programs. Same thing as the ''fashion-management'' and ''music-management''. Universities grab board topics that young people do as hobbies then offer degrees in that with broad course work and very little real world training.

It's a real simple formula. ''Well.. I like sports/music/fashion so I'm going to get a degree in that. Oh hey, my local university offers a degree in it. Awesome!''

Get a real degree in business. Finance, accounting, economics or even marketing. (Real marketing.. analytic computation, advanced statistics, etc. Not fluff marketing.)

If you want to work for a NHL team you probably have to know someone...and know your stuff like no tomorrow. If you do get a job with the NHL, pray it's a good organization that cares about their employees. A lot of them don't.

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