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Originally Posted by boo10 View Post
1 - Depends on where you are. If you're in a rural area, often you just skate on frozen lakes and ponds. There aren't nearly as many outdoor rinks as there used to be, due to legal liability if someone slips and cracks their skull. Just another negative effect of our increasingly litigious, PC society. When I was a kid, every park and schoolyard had outdoor rinks.
2 - The majority of high schools have a boy's hockey team and many have girl's teams, (Provided the student body is large enough). Ice time is expensive so most high school teams rarely practice.
3 - There are thousands of minor hockey league teams in Canada. Research the GTHL if you want an idea of minor hockey in Canada. Your best bet is the local House League. At 17, I believe you would be in the Midget age group. House Leagues are open to anyone that wants to play, regardless of skill level and the costs are affordable. The most competetive levels of minor hockey in Canada can cost upwards of $10,000 per year.
Thank you guys!
1. I don't know where I'll stay yet, because the organization I travel with has to find a host family first. This could be everywhere in Canada but they told me that most students are placed in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Yukon (which I don't hope although they might have endless frozen lakes in about 10 months of the year).
3. How much do you think would I have to pay at least (regardless of equipment)? That whole exchange thing is really expensive (like $20.000) and my parents don't have thousands of dollars left to pay for hockey. Neither do I...

What way to start would you recommend if I had any possibility? School, a local minor league, ...?

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