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06-06-2013, 12:16 PM
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Advanced player score based on CORSI

Earlier today I had the idea for developing a "total player score" based on CORSI metrics. It had twofold inspiration; the thread I was in had evolved into a discussion about "Derp, why does DREW MILLER have the highest QoC number?" and a legitimate desire to prove how valid a metric CORSI is.

As a raw metric on its own, both CORSI and RelCORSI are not perfect for ranking player ability. This is because many shots come due to bad line changes, or one player makes a mistake (or good play) and all of his teammates are punished in their CORSI rating.

Excellent examples of this are Cory Emmerton and Justin Abdelkader. Abdelkader had the best CORSI ratings of any Red Wing forward in the 2013 playoffs. He was solid and played like an average second liner (probably the best hockey of his life) but he wasn't better than Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Nyquist, and arguably Franzen, Cleary, or Brunner.

Emmerton is very close to Abdelkader in ability and typical performance, and is the Wings' second most-utilized PKer after Miller (and is very good at it). He's much better than Abdelkader defensively, and if given a chance could probably make a solid third-line center somewhere (he might be out of Detroit this summer, so we'll see).

The stats I was thinking were important to include in a comprehensive metric were as follows:

CORSI, RelCORSI, RelCORSI QoC, RelCORSi QoT, QoC, QoT, and PDO. I just am not sure how to combine them (other than the obvious idea to "normalize" for PDO) and/or whether I should remove/add metrics.

Any suggestions from the experts?

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