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I transcribed Fat Tony's interview with Kyle Woodlief yesterday.

Several interesting comments by Woodlief:

Bo Horvat: Big strong stud. Whatever territory he wants to occupy on the ice, that's what he's going to occupy, cause nobody is going to stop him from getting there. A big bull with good hands, who finishes all his checks. Plays well both ways, very responsible in his own end and great personal character. Captain material. RLR has him going 10th, but can't seem him dropping later than 12th or 13th max.

Depth of the draft: You're going to get quality players all the way through the end of the 2nd Round. Comparing this year to last year (and last year wasn't a very good draft year), seeing guys in RLR's early 40s rankings this year who would have been top 25 last year.

Habs' at 25, who?: Emile Poirier. Kid from Gatineau who came out like gangbusters this year. At the outset of the season, he looked like a late 2nd round type guy, but he improved his skating by a full stride and that was the one iffy part of his game coming into the season. By the end of the season, he was beating everybody to loose pucks, never losing a puck battle, never losing a race. He just plays a hard, intense game. If Woodlief were the Habs, he'd be hoping that Poirier would still be there at 25 -- RLR has him at 21. He was coming on so strong at the end of the season that if the season had gone on another 3 weeks, he could have made it to the top 15.

Anthony Mantha: Pure goal scorer. Big kid, great hands, not a lot of intensity or drive to his game. Very little work ethic. Doesn't work hard away from the puck. Doesn't use his size to win battles. But, if you want a guy who is big and strong and can really operate on the PP, puts the puck in the net, he might be your guy.

Frederick Gauthier: Woodlief's definition of a 3rd line shutdown centre. Not sure anymore that he has the offensive hockey sense to be a 2nd line guy. If Woodlief was a team that was sold that he could be a 2nd line centre, then he'd be a real valuable commodity, he'd be a guy who'd be in your top 20. He slid down RLR's board just because they have real questions about what his actual offensive upside is. He's 6' 5", 215 lbs., he's tremendous away from the puck, he's probably the most responsible defensive forward in this year's draft. Skates well, can handle the puck but he doesn't seem to be all that creative with the puck in the offensive end.

Kirby Rychel: Says has more skill than his old man but has the pugnaciousness, rugged aspect to his game. Has really hard net drive. Wins a lot of battles down low. He's going to be a very good pro for a lot of years. Probably not more than a 2nd line guy but good solid 2nd line winger who can score, fight, will stick up for teammates. Does a lot of different things to help a team win.

Samuel Morin: If Woodlief were a Habs fan, would be praying for him to make it to 25, huge stud on the back-end. Don't think he'll be there at 25, would be surprised if he made outside of the top 15. Guys who are closing in on 6' 7" who have fairly decent mobility and agility for a guy that size already will get better as his coordination catches up to his body. Already handles the puck really well. Can be an offensive contributor, might already be able to play on your 2nd PP unit and he's tough. There's huge, huge upside with a kid like this.

Laurent Dauphin: Really skilled, creative, playmaking centre, in the traditional mode of a Jean Ratelle. Sees the ice very well, inclusive player, gets everybody involved within the attack. Loves his soft hands, passing touch, really good player who came on very strong over the course of the season. He could surprise and squeeze into the back end of the first round. There are 2 or 3 teams that Woodlief knows of, who are drafting fairly late, had their eye on him quietly and may hope to sneak him through to the end of the first round. Woodlief sees him more as a high 2nd round-type pick. If Mtl were to be able to get him at one of their 34 or 36 picks, that would be a really good slot for him.

John Hayden: Big, strong, powerful winger. The only problem he has -- he's got some heavy boots. If he could skate a little bit better and get off the mark a little quicker, would have him a lot higher on the list. As it stands now, has him as a late 2nd early 3rd rounder type guy.

Eric Roy: A big defenseman, he's all offense, no defense. He doesn't think the game well in his own end. He doesn't have very much discipline. If you look at him with his size and skills package, you're thinking first rounder, but the lack of discipline scares Woodlief. Roy has no idea when it's appropriate to move up into the attack and when he needs to stay back. So his hockey sense is pretty questionable to Woodlief. The size and skills package is terrific. You'd be taking a gamble that your coaches can teach him in his own end.

Marc-Olivier Roy: Strong, solid winger who really battles and competes hard. Has a lot more skill than people have given him credit for. Thinks a kid like Roy is a guy the Habs will target in that 34-36 pick range. Doesn't think he will be available on the Habs' late 2nd round pick. If you really wanted him, Roy would be a real nice choice in the first top 10 picks of the 2nd round.

Goalie crop this year: Habs might be tempted by Fucale. Not a bad year for goaltenders. Other goaltenders of note, Tristan Jarry, Philippe Desrosiers and Eric Comrie (who had his season end early due to a hip injury but who checked medically at the combine, his medicals looked OK). All of them could factor into the late first or into the middle of the 2nd round. It's a really close race between some of the goaltenders. If Comrie had not been injured, would have wound up as RLR's top goalie.

Zach Fucale: As it is now, Fucale is RLR's top goalie. He's really, really strong mentally, Woodlief believes that he's a kid who can come in and handle the pressure in Mtl., he doesn't lose his focus and concentration even if he goes long stretches without seeing a quality shot. So he's a really solid prospect.

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