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06-06-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by thomast View Post
Excuse me second division finnish league? You're probably right that the NHL players are not in full shape and KHL is much better league than FEL. What Barkov did was unheard in FEL and very rare in europe aswell. Barkov was more impact player in FEL than Nichushkin at VHL which is tier 2 russian league. Nichushkin was really good at KHL as 17 year old but he hardly was making big impact. He showed flashes of his brilliance at times but mostly was invisible. Barkov was #1 C in 2nd best team in FEL. He was one of the best players in that league and arguably best two-way player. He made huge impact for his team and his constistency was incredible for such a young guy. Not game by game but shift by shift too. There was 3 prospects who did exceptionally well at pro leagues in europe. What seperates Barkov from other 2 is that Barkov did it all year and never slowed down. Lindholm slowed down at the end of the year and especially at playoffs. Nichushkin only flashed at times but hardly controlled the games and be constantly one of the best players on the ice. Barkov did play at highest level finnish league SM-Liiga.
apologies. your first line made me think. By 2nd division Finnish league I meant the second level, not meant in a disparaging way. I had Forsberg's team which was second division mixed up with Barkov's. I still stand by what I said about the difference in leagues.

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