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Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
Yes, I missed the sarcasm. I should have been more aware of your tone. My apologies there. I don't disagree with you at all on your comparison of the twins, if it was 2 seasons ago. Yes, at that time, both boys had close to equal value, with Daniel's value as a goal scorer. (I still saw Henrick as more valuable though, even then.) I see them now, especially as Daniel's goal totals have slipped, as having a gap in what they contribute on the ice. (We all know their off-ice contributions are amazing) I don't see Daniel's goal totals increasing again either. It will become even harder (with the game being called as it is now, especially in the playoffs) for him to get to the areas he needs to be to score. Henrick will still be effective as a play-making center, and be responsible defensively. That's why I see Henrick as having more value to the team, going forward. Do you see the twins ever signing contracts where one takes less than the other? I don't think so. As a result, Daniel will be paid on par with Henrick, and (therefore) a liability.

Daniel has, over the course of his playoff experience, matched or exceeded his expected goal totals. Statistically. This is based on his regular season output. So while I'm sure the narrative of him being unable to get to the dirty areas seems legitimate based on his season this year, it's not grounded in objective data.

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