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Originally Posted by lou4gehrig View Post
Wow bold and big font. Good for you.

Bergevin came from Chicago where Toews and Kane both played 18+ minutes a night as teenagers. We played Bealiue and Tinordi after less than 1 year in the AHL. We're signing our picks and trying to bring them to the AHL as soon as possible.

Get used to our young guys playing early.
Beaulieu and Tinordi played limited time as call ups. Thats part of a good development process and not rushing. Neither were asked to step up as regular top6 defensemen last year. Rushing would have been to, for example, not sign Bouillon and have one of them with the time from the get go. Guess what? Bouillon is also signed next year. I wonder why..

Bringing to the AHL as soon as possible is a great way to control their development. We can give them a sip of NHL time as well. It doesn't mean we're going to force them to become top6 NHLers and top4 defensement at 20 yrs old.

And patience, bolded or not, is the thing fans usually don't have. Bad general managers also need more of it usually.

Originally Posted by lou4gehrig View Post
Anybody who says MaxPac is a failed example of playing too soon, he's been our leading scorer two years in a row with DD as his center. Plus he had major injury from the Chara hit.
Thats because he's really good. He was however in a really bad place and struggling mightily before going back down to the AHL were he belonged. You don't remember his first years here?

Originally Posted by lou4gehrig View Post
Price is a goalie. He's been successful in the past. And he's struggled. Is that because he was rushed? Maybe. Is he just inconsistent? Look a Fleury. Good enough to win a cup one year, and benched another.
Fleury is the best example of a rushed goalie. Thank you.

Originally Posted by lou4gehrig View Post
For every Latendresse (a player who was rushed) there is a Ribeiro, Beauchemin, Boucher (players who were babied here only to go on to be major players for other shortly after leaving here).
Ribeiro was not ''babied'' and simply traded away,Boucher has never been Habs property, Beauchemin was lost because Gainey failed to understand old waiver rules.

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