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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
It's statements like that that get everybody riled up and a lot of useless posts coming back.

Now the habs surely don't have the biggest or baddest team in the NHL but saying they have NO SIZE or NO TEAM TOUGHNESS is beyond ridiculous. Like saying it will rain for eternity because I wake up one morning and it's a downpour.

Having no size would mean everybody on the roster is below 6' and 200lbs. Where there are maybe 6 or 7 players that fit this description.

Last time I checked Pacioretty Bourque Eller Emelin Tinordi Drewiske Blunden Moen were all clearly above 6' and 200lbs.

No doubt we could use a bit more size, but it's hardly an epidemic. With a healthy lineup nobody was outmuscling or overpowering us in any games I can recall. The games we lost were because we played poorly or the other team played well, not because the Habs were "too small".

I'm not suggesting adding another big d-man or a bit more beef to the 3rd or 4th line is not a bad idea, but let's not get carried away!

In terms of team toughness I can list a lot of examples of guys coming to the defense of teammates, some won the fights others lost them, but if you know the definition of "team toughness" it's standing up for yourself and your teammates even if you may lose the fight.

We have guys that can play and can fight in Prust White Moen Bourque Bouillon plus Tinordi on the way. No doubt we could use a designated "enforcer" against certain teams at 800-900k to play 30-50 games a year. Maybe get Moen back to being Travis Moen and not Mathieu Darche.

The size/fighting/toughness issue isn't as big as most on here try to paint it.
How about though the Habs have team toughness majority of NHL team have more size/fighting/toughness and it is one of the easiest issues to fix?

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