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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
Led the league in most lost fights (subjective voting but just throwing it out there:

I'm not sure anyone is advocating the only issue wrong is the lack of a goon. My opinion is adding a 'good' goon would improve the Habs one step. Will it make the Habs a contender? Probable not. I view team improvement as an incremental process rather than just waiting on one major fix all move.

I'm against the idea of playing a goon top 6 or big minutes, but having one on the 23 man roster? I fail to see the issue/rationale to argue against it.
Well there are some who've argued that our lack of an enforcer is why we lost against Ottawa and that every single player on the Habs would play better knowing there was an enforcer on the team.

But as to your point. The problem with a guy who can only fight and do nothing else is how we use our 4th line. They were given a fairly significant defensive assignment last season. Most enforcers start in the offensive zone 60% or more of the time, whereas our 4th line was starting only 30% or so in the offensive zone. They would also play a lot more minutes than enforcers are able to. This allowed us to shelter the Desharnais and Galchenyuk lines without having to hurt Plekanec.

Adding another player that needs to be sheltered is a handicap, is it insurmountable, no but is winning a few more fights really worth it.

I'm also not sure if winning/losing a fight really has much impact. There have been several studies done that showed there was a minor uptick in goals scored in the 5 or 10min following a fight but who won the fight had no impact on who actually scored.

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